Saturday, June 15, 2013

Weeks 3-5

Week 3

The rusted door screeched noisily when I tried to open it, but gave way for my to walk quietly into an old beautiful garden where flowers bloomed between trees and bushes.
The old computer on the wooden writing desk in my room not only hums annoyingly loud, but it also doesn't boot properly, however it's still working, despite all the troubles.

Week 4

Whenever I go to a village where my parents spend summers, I take a camera with me. I recall one day last year when the weather was particularly gloomy, and mushroom hunting or even barbeque were out of question. With the sun hiding behind the clouds, it was my chance to explore the garden and hopefully shoot some nice pictures. I started with the flowers; red, white and pink peonies were blooming, while tulips petals had already fell. I shoot them from different angles trying to find the best perspective and keep the unwanted parts of the surroundings out of the frame. After a while, I decided to change my shooting field, so I walked further into the garden until I saw a bed of blooming garlic. Looking closer, I found many different insects living their life in this sea of green leaves. A grasshopper was sitting on a dandelion completely unaware of a big spider hanging right above it. Another spider, which I found beautiful, was spinning a web waiting for an unfortunate fly to become its dinner. I spent almost an hour watching and taking pictures of this world I didn’t usually pay attention to.

Week 5

Why digital marketing makes a good career choice.

Digital marketing (DM) is a fantastic opportunity for those who are looking for a somewhat modern way to earn money. Lately, I’ve become very interested in the subject. I spend quite a lot of time everyday studying it, and now I’m going to tell you why.
For me, the most valuable thing is the possibility to work from any given place; all you need is the internet access. It gives a whole new level of freedom.
Another thing is that such knowledge might come in handy if you start a business of your own. It would save a great deal of money for a start up.  
The third reason is the huge potential of the field. I believe, with time DM will replace the off line means of advertizing, which is always a good thing in my book.
The last, but not the least, is that with digital marketing you have to put both sides of your brain to work. Being creative is a must, and so is having sound analytic abilities. Meaning, you’ll never get bored.
Have I convinced you? Are you already looking for a job offer in DM? Wait just a second, please. There is another question you have to ask yourself first. Is it what you really want? Could DM become something you are passionate about? Because, if not, if you’re only doing it for money, don’t go there. You’ll find your dream job somewhere else, and maybe one day you’ll become my client.
See you!

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